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Lead generation

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The digital Buyers journey

The New Sales Process

A lot has happened in sales and marketing in recent years. And things are moving fast! Customers are better informed. Their shopping and behavioral patterns are different today when the Internet can provide endless opportunities for information. Because interaction with sales reps is no longer an absolute necessity, we have to take an entirely new approach to the sales process. The digital journey enables automation to take over certain parts of the sales process, but not all. People still buy from people and the best salespeople have understood this and adapted. Have you?

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Set the foundation for a team focused on business value - every day.

We call it UBM – The Unified Business Model.

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Generating quality leads

Generating quality leads

Leads are our best friends in sales. We love leads. But how do we create a lead generating machine? How can we ensure the quality of these leads so that our skilled salespeople can get the chance to do what they do best – create business value? It’s easy! The key is in seeing the entire sales process, from marketing to closing, as one process. Make sure that sales and marketing are best friends in a single organization and process, and with shared measurable results. Lay the foundation for ONE team with the focus on business – every day. We call this UBM – the Unified Business Model. Curious?

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