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Tolpagorni increased visitors by 3800%

A focus on qualitative leads

After 2 short months of partnership with Structsales, Tolpagorni saw incredible results. The number of leads had increased by an impressive 3800%! 

“It’s absolutely amazing. I don’t understand why more people don’t invest this way. It was worth it many times over.”
– Kristin Svensson, Product Management Training Specialist, Tolpagorni

Tolpagorni is a leading Swedish knowledge company in product management. It sells training programs and consultancy services to a long list of impressive customers. The company consists of specialists with broad, extensive experience in product management, with a focus on helping customers leverage their expertise to generate business value.

A collective system for CRM and marketing automation

Tolpagorni wants to be at the absolute leading edge and realized that the new business climate places brand new demands on both their website and sales processes – they must be streamlined.

The new website must be modern, user-friendly and informative. Tolpagorni offers a broad selection of services and naturally, this places demands on the website. Among other things, customers need to be able to register for training programs, reserve a course place, and indicate their interest in other types of offers – directly on the website.

Tolpagorni has a customer list with numerous impressive customers, but they were still having trouble attracting new ones. Put simply: they were not generating enough new and qualitative leads.

“We discovered HubSpot and it felt like the absolute perfect system for us”
– Kristin Svensson, Tolpagorni

Bearing in mind the challenges above, Tolpagorni opted to focus on HubSpot to attract more potential customers. The company used to work in several different systems, which could all be replaced by a single system: HubSpot. Tolpagorni used to have a CRM system, a system for MA and another system for running its website. Having so many systems resulted in poor efficiency. The need to move information between systems in order to accomplish various tasks ultimately became too arduous and complicated. HubSpot was a system that could replace all of the old systems, and help Tolpagorni achieve significantly more efficient processes.

A platform that creates opportunities for agility and speed

Once the decision had been made on HubSpot, it was time to find a partner to help implement it, to create a website and establish procedures for generating more qualitative leads.

“We quickly landed on a web agency that was excellent at creating stylish, well-designed sites. But connecting to systems and processes for functioning lead generation was secondary, even though that was actually our primary focus.”
- Kristin Svensson, Tolpagorni

Agility is essential to Tolpagorni. That’s why they wanted to be able to quickly pursue and implement changes on the website themselves. HubSpot was a phenomenal tool for just that, thanks to how intuitive and incredibly easy to use the system is. Users only need minimal knowledge of web design and coding to make changes, which suited Tolpagorni’s needs perfectly. Finding a suitable partner was the last remaining step.

“We consider it far more important to have a website that creates the right business opportunities, rather than one that is super flashy or has special effects and design components. Beyond that, we’re not interested in being dependent on a web agency every time we want to change the color of a small piece of text or make other minor changes.”
- Kristin Svensson, Tolpagorni

A Playbook creates a clear framework and conditions for partnership.

Tolpagorni contacted Structsales and the collaboration began with a clear, tight schedule delineating when the company would be able to operate both its website and lead generation all on its own.

The website would be built and everyone trained in 2 months. In addition, efficient procedures for inbound marketing would fall into place. An intensive work process began, in which large quantities of information and expertise would be packaged and taught. With the support of Structsales, dedicated staff from Tolpagorni were given responsibility for the implementation of inbound marketing and the HubSpot tool. In addition, a process for collaboration between sales and marketing was set up with support from Structsales. Meanwhile, daily work continued as normal.

We held workshops together, ongoing trainings, and worked on establishing the process for lead generation. As Tolpagorni’s employees became more comfortable, they took over lead generation themselves and held follow-up meetings every other week instead to ensure they were on the right track and had access to the support they needed.

We know from experience how important it is to work closely in this process – to take joint responsibility for the work, as a genuine business partner. We also know the importance of clear guidelines: a Playbook.

“What we needed was to undergo a journey of change – we needed to change behaviors in our daily practices. The Playbook played a huge role in this arena. We can return to it in order to make sure we’re doing the right things. That we’re all moving in the same direction.”

- Kristin Svensson, Tolpagorni

HubSpot is a system with endless opportunities and advantages. To maximize them, Structsales developed a Playbook with Tolpagorni. It includes a detailed guide on how the company works in HubSpot and how their internal processes should look in order to maximize business value from the system and collaboration between sales and marketing. This Playbook later served as an excellent resource when Tolpagorni hired more people. It was a central framework for how Tolpagorni would work with CRM and marketing automation in HubSpot.

Marketing activities with measurable results

Already after the first month, Tolpagorni was able to conclude that their inbound marketing activities were bearing fruit. They could see contact occurring with more potential customers, and above all, they were contacted by companies in need of their assistance. They began to receive quite a few incoming calls and contacts, which was fantastic.

Tolpagorni sought automated marketing activities which produced measurable results. After only the first month, they had a clear-as-day lead which ultimately became a business deal. This is rare: it usually takes longer, but it serves as confirmation that these new processes work!

When Kristin Svensson was asked what Tolpagorni gained from working with Structsales, she responded:

“The partnership with Structsales has given us our entire process for lead generation. In addition, we’ve gotten excellent content out onto the market and we’ve become ‘thought leaders’ in our field. We drive many more visitors to our website; we went from 130 to 5,000 visitors per month, which is an increase of about 3800%. That’s an enormous difference in the number of people who see us and learn about what we do. We weren’t even close to achieving this level of brand familiarity before.”

“The partnership with Structsales gave us a stronger name in the industry. We now get leads from all over the world that we didn’t have before, and we’re also able to position ourselves via our content, and to truly be recognized as specialists in our field. That means a great deal to our business.”


About Tolpagorni

Tolpagorni is a Swedish consulting agency in product management. With its expert specialists, they help their customers go from strategy to successful products. They know that theory alone does not create results and therefore focus on converting theory into practice together with their customers – and they do it incredibly well.

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