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The key to success

Training in modern sales and marketing

Training in modern sales and marketing

We know from experience that the key to success is in training and not rushing change. The best investment is the one that provides return. How do you accomplish this? Through training and giving your organization the right toolbox for creating business value every day – making day-to-day operations easier.

Social Selling 2.0             Hubspot

Social Selling 2.0

Social channels are important components in modern sales. They’re a tool for prospecting and a way for sales teams to stay well informed. It’s your responsibility as a sales rep and marketer to use these fantastic digital tools. Customers demand that you’ve done your homework so make sure you know how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and all the other media channels out there in the best possible way.

A course in Social Selling 2.0 gives you:

  • Better knowledge of why social media is an important tool and how it is effectively used.
  • The best prerequisites for prospecting and qualification.
  • Practical tips for getting underway immediately with social media.


HubSpot is fantastic, but we know from experience that there are challenges. Even the best tool is useless if not properly used. That’s why we have a course so that you can maximize the business value from each invested dollar.

A course in HubSpot gives you:

  • Better knowledge of inbound marketing methodology.
  • Practical tips on how we attract visitors, convert them, close deals and continue to transform our customers into ambassadors – the Attract – Convert – Close – Delight method.
  • Thorough knowledge of HubSpot functionality, working with lists, campaigns, workflows, email and much more.
  • The best prerequisites for creating quality leads that create more business for your organization.