Starta din resa

Become part of our consulting network!

A career with us at Structsales is more about making a journey than about finding someone who is completely finished in their role. As the tasks and the market change at a furious pace, your attitude and your way of being is what is really important to us. For real. You have to like us. And we must like you.

We believe in niche employees who are skilled in their specialist area. BUT. At the same time, we also know that the most important thing there is is to constantly revise their knowledge by tearing down their own walls and building bridges over to new areas. In this way, we create an understanding of each other's work and that is what we believe creates value for our customers. For real.

The past year has brought down most of what we thought was true. Many talented people have lost their jobs and just as many have chosen to start their own.

Become part of a larger network - and be successful with the purchase!

In the role of self-employed, however, it can feel overwhelming and difficult to keep track of all the parts that it means to be self-employed. Through Structsale's network, you get in touch with other consultants in the same seat as yourself - and who have the same challenges as you.

It is often a matter of finding new customers, or that you can not take on an assignment because the customer is looking for complementary top competence that you yourself do not have. Via the network you will get help with just this!

We are doers - looking for new ways to solve problems

We are a workplace where constant learning is part of everyday life. We at Structsales do not learn new things all the time because we are a bit nerdy, but mostly because we love to apply the lessons in practice. It is only then that we learn. Of success and of adversity.

We love people who like to be themselves and are interested in other people's ways of seeing problems and challenges. It does not matter if you are a management consultant with a watch for 250 salmon on your arm or if you are a hipster with a neck tattoo. We know that your combined knowledge of sales and marketing is spelled FUTURE.


  • Help with starting and running your own business
  • Access to a network of other specialists in sales, marketing and business development
  • Help find business and customers through the network
  • Ongoing sales training and support to help you become better at finding business
  • You become part of an established brand and can automatically take part in the marketing efforts carried out by Structsales
  • Access to incoming leads (after many years of investing in the brand, we have the majority of incoming - now we just need more consultants who can deliver on the deals we do)
  • A model that you can benefit from, regardless of whether you are good at networking, selling or delivering
  • A community with activities and skills development where you as your own are not yourself - as an employee but without foot shackles ...
  • When it starts to roll for you, we also have expertise that can help you invest your income in as smart a way as possible, and give you advice on how to think with everything from salary withdrawals to pension savings.


  • That you are a specialist in your particular field (digital marketing, sales, strategy and tactics)
  • That you do not agree to take without giving and to create your own success within the framework of a strong brand and other specialists
  • That you are or want to become a niche entrepreneur who is part of something bigger
  • You have worked with or sold HubSpot (or are willing to learn)


  • Train salespeople in modern and digital sales
  • Write content that helps sales among our customers to be able to strengthen their personal brand and thus do more business
  • Help our clients hold webinars
  • Run entire Inbound campaigns together with other consultants with us and our customers
  • Hold workshops and trainings
  • Work with HubSpot and all that it entails!


- Copywriting
- Sales
- HubSpot!
- Developers
- Graphic designers
- Strategies in sales and marketing
- Technical competence in integration
- Specialists in CRM and integration