Sales & Marketing Workshop

Structsales' workshop focuses on going through the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and the documentation between the marketing department and sales (Service Level Agreement, SLA), which lays the foundation for a successful collaboration.

In order to be able to communicate in the best possible way with potential buyers, we will also look at the content used today when we try to reach our prospects. The goal is to find out how we can work with the right content for the right buyer at the right time. During the workshop, we will also look at templates you used today to communicate with prospectuses, by phone and email.

As part of building the agreement between marketing and sales, the Sales Development role (SDR) will also be discussed. Here we will go through how you as a company can use the strength of a salesperson who also has expertise in digital marketing to generate more meetings and more profitable business.

This is how this workshop is structured:


# 1 Value message

In this part, we will dig deeper into what it is you as a company create for actual value for your customers and how this can start with the customer in focus. We will talk about the difference between value and perceived value. How can we communicate a message based on the customer and not ourselves?

Here we will together start from the message that you convey today and the methodology that will be used answers the questions WHAT, FOR WHOM, HOW and WHY. Based on this model, we then build on the message. The goal is to be able to position ourselves differently from our competitors, by starting from other parameters than the most common as the product, or the solution.

Our customers are looking for information and insights on a completely different level today. This is where we need to be strong. Important in this part of the workshop is to get a common view of which end goal the customer should aim for with our help, A desired situation that we can deliver with our services or products.


# 2 Review of process and concepts

We will start the workshop based on the documentation the customer has sent us. This information about marketing and sales processes will be mapped to best practice and how other organizations work successfully in similar industries.


We go through the concept of "lead" to create consensus:

  • What is a lead?
  • What qualifies a lead to be mature enough to end up with the sales team?
  • What needs to happen on the web, or in other digital channels before we see this lead as "hot enough" to invest sales time on to run the business further.


In the next step, we will go through how a lead, prospectus or a business opportunity moves throughout the journey before it becomes a meeting and finally a deal.


# 3 The role of SDR / BDR

The sales and marketing organizations that today succeed in lifting the conversion of leads to business, in most cases have a role that acts as the glue between the marketing and sales department. This role is called the Sales Development Representative (SDR), or Business Development Representative (BDR). An SDR's task is to qualify incoming leads, but also to prospect on designated accounts, ie your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), to create new business opportunities. This role is relatively new in the Nordic countries but has been around for a while, especially in the USA. We will discuss here and together try to define what an SDR role could look like for you.

# 4 SLA: the agreement between sales and market

A Service Level Agreement (SLA), ie an agreement between the two departments sales and marketing, is the start of the collaboration. By establishing this agreement, we can succeed in creating a common vision of what a "good lead" is, how these should be handled.

A major challenge in the sales and marketing organizations we work with today is that we use different languages, but mean the same thing.

  • For example, what is the difference between a suspect, a prospect and a lead?
  • When does a lead become an opportunity?
  • What is it called when we "qualify away" a lead for further processing?
  • Marketers talk content - salespeople talk content, communication and meetings!


We work through these challenges and concepts here and finally land in a glossary that is delivered to the customer after the workshop. This will be a way to ensure that sales and marketing speak the same language - a prerequisite for being able to work together successfully.

Do you want to share this workshop internally so that others can take part in what it contains? Then you can DOWNLOAD YOUR WORKSHOP AS PDF HERE.