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Creating value and insight


This client has exciting products. Technology in focus and enthusiastic employees who are passionate about technology. It isn’t unusual that they find themselves slipping into a product focus even in sales.  Their challenge was therefore to shift the focus from product and price to creating value for customers.

From product to value

Those of you who work at or with companies in the IT branch will recognize the challenge of moving beyond the actual products and their technical specifications. It’s not easy. The reason for this is that as someone who works with IT product sales, you typically have in-depth knowledge of the technology. 

Having solid insight into your products’ strengths and benefits is a prerequisite for conducting good sales work. The problem arises when we persist in talking specs, prices and packaging with our customers. Your in-depth knowledge of your products is valuable, but only if you can convert this into value for your end-customers.

Over a period of one year, Structsales supported them in focusing on value and insight in the customer dialog instead of their products. Their partners, who participated in this project, later received a summary of modern business development in the five key terms that characterized the year for our client and their partners/customers: 

  1. Value-creating
  2. Relevant
  3. Insight-creating
  4. Supporting
  5. Challenging

These five key words now constitute the basis for their communications and business development.


Throughout 2016, Structsales supported in the shift made together with our client's partners. The goal was to establish a process for being able to shift the focus on functions and features to value and insight. 


Through lectures, workshops and work meetings, Structsales improved the sales process together with the client and their partners.  The results were a new focus on insight and end-value for customers, and a modern way of conducting the company’s business development in the future.

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