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A sustainable transformation


Large organizations are often complex and there are various types of challenges associated with various operations. The organization the Structsales was commissioned to work with had challenges related to structure and management. As with all other organizations, Swedavia has goals, and the challenge was in efficiently achieving their highly set goals. 

Structure and goals

Swedavia’s organization needed to achieve its set business goals of more than SEK 1 billion. This requires structure and a plan for execution. Structsales was charged with strategically leading a part of the organization and making it more efficient so as to enable goal fulfillment. 

Structsales began with a survey of the processes to identify potential efficiency gains that could benefit the organization. Our consultants were responsible for preparing, standardizing and developing the organization’s complex business plans. Various agreements between the respective departments were prepared with associated business systems.

Process issues of an organizational character were also addressed in this work. Structsales even served in a consulting and support capacity for management staff in operational strategic and tactical matters. Also included in the assignment were support and occupational development services for several management and rank-and-file employees at various departments.


To ensure the complete success of the assignment, Structsales began with meeting the organization’s initial needs – establishing understanding and trust, and clarifying the strategic direction for operations. In this way, Structsales would not only be able to successfully carry out the assignment, but also influence related operations in becoming more efficient. This entails that we were able to create a long-term and sustainable transformation in work with change. This establishes optimal conditions for reaching the goals and ensuring the involvement of all employees in making the journey of change. 


The end result was that process maps were prepared to simplify very complex processes. The long-term strategy was clarified and communicated, and Swedavia was transformed into an organization with a very good and engaged organizational culture. An exciting transformation with engaged employees. 

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