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Map and compass for growth

The challenge – integrating the digital with the traditional

Integrating digital sales and marketing methods with traditional sales was at the top of the agenda for this client. Although they were ready to adopt the modern ways of selling, the challenge was in making the change while still retaining all that is good with traditional sales methods. Bringing together both worlds to gain maximum benefit from both. 

A model to grow in

Our client had considered changing the way they work with sales for quite some time. The need to create a scalable model gradually evolved. They wanted a model that was future-safe and that cleared the way for growth during the coming years. 

The key to success was in the workshops and strategic activities that Structsales jointly conducted with the client in producing the map and compass on which they now bases its business development. They have a scalable model to grow in and the process combines traditional sales with all the fantastic benefits of the digital world. 


To succeed with growth, an organization requires a foundation of solid processes. This is the key to attaining growth and flexibility. This is why Structsales constructed a model for the client based on our firm belief that ONE unified team will ultimately create more value. We believe that sales and marketing should be in the same process for optimal results; we call this the Unified Business Model. This model was based on roles, processes and KPIs at the client. All with the goal of building a scalable organization to achieve the client’s aggressive goals for future growth.


Our client obtained a clear plan with processes, goals and allocation of responsibility. This plan has been received the solid backing of the organization and is now being followed by all employees. It was also mapped into the system support that was selected for marketing automation, which was HubSpot.

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