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Insight Selling


The modern sales rep

In recent years, we’ve seen an extreme change in how customers make decisions. Their actions prior to buying are different today and this is increasingly influencing our sales process.

Digitalization opens new opportunities for customers. They can more easily look for information on their own and do their research without even involving a sales rep. Some people are even saying that sales teams are no longer needed. We do not agree!

The modern sales team is needed more than ever – to support customers on their digital journey.

To sell insights instead of features

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Establishing insight

Establishing insight

To be able to create value, you need the ability to look beyond how your recipient perceives a situation, a challenge or an obstacle. Moreover, you have to be able to base your actions on an accurate assessment of reality to find a solution, or the next step forward. Not necessarily the step the customer may have been considering from the beginning, but rather the one that the recipient feels is right and that helps in making a decision. Creating value is thus coming with an important key that fits the recipient’s reality.

An insight is something more than a value. Creating insight is giving customers an "aha" experience, or getting someone to say or feel “I’d never looked at it like that before.” Working with insight selling is about providing advice and taking on a consulting role. It’s about helping customers to see entirely new paths forward, trying things they hadn’t even considered. This entails doing something together with our customers that our competitors are not. We are suddenly no longer competitors because we’re entirely different and unique. The question is just: how do we do this?

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HubSpot - make accurate sales forecasts

HubSpot - make accurate sales forecasts

We know that tools and technology are not the solutions to all our challenges. We prefer not to talk technology but rather organization, processes and people. These are the parameters that enable you to ultimately create more value. But it can sometimes be nice to attain the perfect interaction between people and technology - this is where HubSpot comes into your sales process.

HubSpot is a dynamic tool that helps sales organizations to make their sales processes more efficient and transparent. HubSpot CRM is free so you can start without paying a single dollar. For a more complex sales processes you have HubSpot Sales Hub, providing you with better conditions for comprehensive administration of your pipeline and sales. It gives sales managers increased ROI for their organizations. Curious about how the tool can help your sales organization? Let us show you how!

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