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How we made Sales and Marketing activities 100% measurable

Enfo's journey to greater efficiency in Sales and Marketing

In the spring of 2017, Enfo was facing challenges in accurately measuring and streamlining their marketing activities, as well as in relating them to actual business opportunities. Enfo also wanted to align sales and marketing into a single organization, working with shared and measurable goals. We are now helping Enfo with a digital strategy with full focus on Inbound Marketing, an SDR function (Sales Development Representative) as well as copywriting and graphic design – all in HubSpot, which makes the activities 100% measurable.

This is the story of how we helped Enfo make the journey to greater efficiency in Sales and Marketing.

Implementing Inbound Marketing, lead generation and the capability to relate marketing efforts to good business opportunities in a large organization can be tough, to say the least. It is about taking a fresh approach and thinking outside the box – it is about having the courage to let go of old habits and see things from a new perspective. When a company decides to implement Inbound Marketing, the marketing team will be taking responsibility for mid-term and long-term revenue for the first time in the company's history. This is great, but at the same time, it is unfamiliar territory for many. And it can be a tough journey since marketing by tradition, is not accustomed to being measured by the same KPIs that have previously solely applied to sales. This change takes time and in many ways can seem difficult, but Enfo’s strong conviction has never waivered – that being able to measure business opportunities and relate them to marketing activities is essential.

“Structsales has supported us in creating a solid foundation for Sales Enablement, with sales and marketing working together towards shared and measurable goals – with the focus on business value.”

- Lina Tjerneld, EVP, Marketing and Communications at Enfo

Inbound Marketing – from strategy to reality

Structsales has led tactical and operational activities for Enfo’s marketing team. The focus has constantly been on creating business opportunities and measurable results from marketing with Inbound Marketing as the main methodology. 

“I’ve found a partner in Structsales that is driven by the business aspects of everything we do, the same as myself,” says Lina Tjerneld. “We’re always data-driven in our efforts to understand our business environment, as well as in planning how we can influence it in the right direction".

“The biggest challenge was in setting up a joint organization and a process that changed the course from traditional marketing to applying modern and digital marketing techniques. In practice, it's all about enabling sales in everything we do. I have fantastic colleagues on the marketing team, but they need the right processes and tools to achieve good results. Structsales has helped us with implementing our Inbound strategy, and in doing so, they have served as the marketing team’s engine. In a change project of this scope, coaching and training are essential to success, and in this respect, we've benefited considerably from Structsales’ expertise.”

A strong Inbound strategy is naturally dependent on good content that helps to realize this strategy, content that helps and engages customers. There is way too little focus on creating solid, valuable content today, and many overlook the bottleneck this can become. All focus is instead directed on which Marketing Automation system to choose – but if you do this, you’re beginning at the wrong end. Start with your customers and your business goals, and then let the tool help and guide you, instead of letting it control you.

“Structsales has an in-depth understanding of how business is conducted, as well as the alignment between sales and marketing. They are marketers thinking like sales people, and vice versa. It's magic!”

- Lina Tjerneld, EVP, Marketing and Communications at Enfo

Niloo Lopez is the client partner at Structsales for Enfo and has assisted Enfo throughout their Inbound journey. She believes that it is difficult to successfully implement Inbound Marketing if you have a “normal” relationship with your customers. It has to be deeper than that – it has to be a partnership above and beyond the norm. 

“If we want to achieve something more than traditional marketing, we have to be true partners in everything we do. We have to take responsibility for the customer’s business activities as if they were our own. Succeeding with Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation is hard work and you have to accept the fact that this type of initiative takes time. ROI and measurability do not come overnight. You must be persistent and do the right things, again and again…and again... until it happens.”

Niloo Lopez, Head of Marketing and Partner at Structsales

Enfo chose to not just invest in the market's most powerful Marketing Automation tool, HubSpot. They also invested just as much in strategy, processes, KPIs and production of smart and relevant content. And it’s all naturally connected to value-adding workflows and campaigns in HubSpot. Campaigns that create and nurture leads – leads that our SDR (Sales Development Representative) can later contact and qualify as SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads). The process is now creating business opportunities for the sales team. Enfo wanted to maximize the conditions for Sales Enablement by establishing a solid foundation for collaboration between sales and marketing with support from us at Structsales.

“The business value is obviously enormous,” says Lina Tjerneld. “Thanks to Structsales, we at Enfo have been able to successfully implement our initiative for Inbound Marketing. We now have a marketing process in place, a well-defined marketing organization with clear roles and KPIs, as well as a fully unified sales and marketing team. It's fantastic!”

About Enfo

Enfo is a Nordic IT service company enabling its customers’ data-driven business transformation. With their niched expertise in managing hybrid platforms, business applications and new digital services, Enfo brings together relevant data for more intelligent operations. Enfo both build and run digital solutions – supporting their customers in mastering the complexity. Enfo has over 900 niched experts working for a more intelligent world, with technology empowering people, businesses and societies.




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